Eco, fun & unique boat charters in Malaga

Sunset (3H) - 12

coins from €600,-
person 1/12 people
clock 18:00 - 21:00
arrow Playa de Pedregalejo
info For groups bigger than 16 persons, please check the activities for groups up to 32 persons


During the day we set sail for 2 or 3 spots to anchor to make sure you get to swim, sun bath and dance the day away!

Every year we discover new epic spots to anchor to give you a unique experience of Malaga's coastline 


We set sail towards the West or the East; with possible stops at the always vibrant Pedregalejo, el Peñon del Cuervo or we sail to the beautiful cliffs and tunnels of El Cantal. 
We have some favorites, more secluded and less busy stops which we will show you, depending on the wind on that day.


All our trips are performed by experienced and passionate sailers. They know the waters like no other, can answer all your questions and are there to make your day an unforgettable experience.

The eventual itinerary is decided by the captain on the day you go out to sail. They are informed with the latest wind and water conditions and will choose the best route for you and your group.


As you can tell, every trip is different from the other. However one thing is always the same; everyone who comes back into port had the most magical day on the water…


We promise memories that will last a lifetime!


No fuel cost (the sun and the wind are free!)