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30 de Mayo de 2019
por Captain

On 30th April, the Boat Show Investment Forum in association with the Institut d'Innovació Empresarial de les Illes Balears IDI, had 9 start-ups presenting their independent projects as an opportunity to receive a significant investment to grow their company. A highlight of this year’s show was La Bella Verde being presented with the Palma Boat Show award for their innovative project focusing on sustainable and clean boating solutions.

La Bella Verde are the Balearics only electric-solar boats at present and they convert conventional boats into fully electric or hybrid vessels. Within the boating industry there is a challenge around how to make this sector more efficient using free from pollution electric engines and taking advantage of sustainable energy sources that operate in respect with the environment.

Overall, nine projects related to the nautical sector were featured in this year’s forum, with three naval construction projects, four technological platforms and two from the nautical industry. More than 70 private investors and business angels have attended the third edition of the Boat Show Investment Forum for 2019.

The General Director of industrial policy, Manel Porras; the Managing Director of the IDI, Nuria Hinojosa; and the Director of Keiretsu Forum Spain, Miquel Costa, participated in the event, which took place at the facilities of astilleros de Mallorca. The investors have chosen the company that best presented their project and have announced La Bella Verde as the prominent winner of the Boat Show Investment Forum.

Maarten (Company Co-Founder) who presented La Bella Verde’s project commented:
“We are super grateful to have had the opportunity to present our project and ideas to the investment forum Keiretsu and the IDI (department of the government). The doors that have opened for us after this opportunity are already making a huge impact and we hope to create big things with the connections from the event”.

About La Bella Verde
Starting with a single catamaran in 2014, the pioneering eco-charter company was founded by a group of close friends, Charlie Priestley, Alistair Glover-Main and Maarten Bernhart with a clear vision to offer a unique eco-boating experience in the Balearics. Since the company’s first inception, the team has now transformed traditional boats into eco-friendly means of transportation, with the use of electric engines and advanced solar panels and grown their fleet extensively.
This year, La Bella Verde will launch a completely new solar catamaran building service in collaboration with the industry’s most respected international boat builders. The name La Bella Verde (The Beautiful Green) is a projection of what the founders have sought to create since the beginning – an intimate, zero-emission experience which aims to promote positive change in the global boating industry.